Houston's Outdoor Lighting and Mosquito Control Experts

Planning for that next Texas barbecue needn't be a dread any longer as you think about a visit by vampire mosquitoes. Thanks to the latest, cutting-edge mosquito control systems, those dangerous pests are now a thing of the past.

We at Outdoor Comforts provide safety, comfort and environmental-friendly solutions for all of your outdoor needs and events. Using the latest in mosquito misting systems, as well as other available mosquito control technologies, mosquitoes have met their end.

Take Back Your Yard Now!

Comfort and safety are our prime focuses, especially with recent news reports of new invading 'skeeters. Yes, mosquitoes are infamously and historically known for their ability to spread disease, and that's something we at Outdoor Comforts just won't put up with!

Our Strategy

By using mosquito misting systems that guarantee mosquitoes reduction by up to 95 percent, our exclusive Outdoor Comforts' control systems protects your family, pets and eco-system by strategically placing nozzles that blend into your yard's landscape.

Releasing a spray that creates a safe zone for all your residents, guests and pets, outdoor TX living can once again be enjoyed. Offering several outstanding features that include: automation system integration, anti-siphon technology, tank level sensor devices, leak prevention, tankless systems and drum-based systems, we'll take the bite out of those 'skeeters--fast!

The Outdoor Comforts Advantage: Rapid Response And Dependable Warranties

Don't waste time taking a risk with the health of your family, our specially trained technicians are on the spot when you need them with a 24-hour response time. Coming with a dependable warranty, we offer service plans that cover any repair costs incurred for parts or labor. In addition, when you purchase our services, you'll also be getting maintenance packages and lasting products that endure way past the treatment phase of control.

Relax, make your favorite ice tea and enjoy your summer as you prepare for that next Houston barbecue dinner. Take the bite out of mosquito infestations now by visiting our company web site to schedule an appointment or simply ask our friendly reps for more detailed information.

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